Saturday Night Sober (a true short story)

An account of a night in 2009.

An account of a night in 2009.

It’s 3am. I just got home. On the way in through the kitchen, out of habit I loped toward the cabinet above the sink to take my nightly cup of water to my room when I remembered I was completely sober and I could stand up straight and calmly reach for the cup of my choice.

My evening started at 6pm at a gallery in the West Village where I watched an artist demonstrate unusual ways to conduct electricity in order to light a lamp. He successfully turned a hot dog into a battery. I wasn’t that impressed because as a child I had had a potato clock from the Klutz catalog. But he was humble in his presentation and earnest in his dedication. He said he had researched many different brands of hot dog and found Nathan’s to be the best. Continue reading “Saturday Night Sober (a true short story)”

Ballet, Eamonn’s, Aphra Behn Trunk Show

Thursday, October 4, 2012
I’m moving to LA in January so I’m going to try to actually journal these last few months as a New Yorker and Upper East Sider.

Lost on the subway.
Went to Lefferts Gardens to have jewelry photographed by Alex Crowe. Got on 5 train going home, ran across platform at Atlantic Ave to get 4 train thinking it would be faster, got absorbed in the free Metro paper (yesterday’s weirdly having been guest edited by Richard Branson), arrived at last stop in wrong direction, Crown Heights. Had to take 4 all the way back to 86th Street, got very far in Metro paper because I was afraid to play boggle on my iphone because of all of the recent iphone muggings, especially because of the hypodermic needle mugger even though they caught him.
Still finding great architectural details. 
6pm: Walked from 88th to 75th on Park Ave, excited to notice new architectural details. It happens often because so many buildings have scaffolding up for weeks or months at a time for repairs, when the scaffolding comes down there’s a discovery. Continue reading “Ballet, Eamonn’s, Aphra Behn Trunk Show”

3AM Imromptu Subway Interview with Alden aka Fonda from Team Facelift


Setting: 3AM, 6 train from Spring Street to 86th Street.  Probably the fourth time I’ve run into Alden a.k.a. Karim Fonda from Team Facelift on the subway in the middle of a weeknight.

Me: What are you working on now?

Alden: Right now we got an album coming out on Duck Down Records.  (((At this point a guy standing near us waiting for the subway chimes in that he’s heard of Duck Down and we talk to him for a minute.))) We got Junior Sanchez who’s sort of a legendary New York House guy to executive produce it and I’m also working on a project with a chick named Tigga Galore on some voguing music.

Me: What do you mean by ‘voguing’?

Continue reading “3AM Imromptu Subway Interview with Alden aka Fonda from Team Facelift”

Chirping in the Dark

You know what’s kind of crazy? When you’re drunk, walking home from the subway at 4:55am, it’s still dark out and you’re surrounded by a deafening choir of chirping coming from the cherry blossoms, which you didn’t remember were even there earlier. (87th St. between Park and Lex)

What subway tunnels under U.E.S. looked like in 1914…

The U.E.S. Journal has acquired two original engineers’ photographs of subway construction under The Upper East Side in 1914.  Visit the “old photos” section of P.U.E.S. to see more…

Under 60th and Lex, 1914.

2001 Jewel Album Still Heavily Promoted on The Upper East Side

During the 1990’s HMV was the major local record store, located on 86th and Lex. Like most giant record stores, new releases were promoted in the windows. Several years ago HMV closed and eventually Best Buy opened. Amidst the shuffling of businesses in 1278-1280 Lexington Avenue which now houses the equivalent of a very convenient strip mall (Duane Reade, Best Buy, Staples, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks) one window of prime advertising space seems to have gone forgotten.

Jewel’s “This Way” was released in 2001 so we can assume that’s when the banner first went up. The banner faces the new Jamba Juice and overlooks the most heavily trafficked intersection of The Upper East Side. Imagine what that advertising would cost over 6 years? Maybe the different stores couldn’t agree who would get that window so they left it as was, or perhaps access to the window was accidentally sealed…

Although I would love to put something else in that window, I mean, if no one else is going to use it, I can honestly say that seeing that banner for 6 years did not get me to buy the album.