Paris Dispatch: 16th Arrondissement Style

On the way to the Raoul et Jean Dufy exhibition at Musée Marmottan in the 16th Arrondissement of Paris I walked through the very pleasant Jardins du Ranelagh.  Almost every person I passed, young and old, perfectly exemplified the traditional upper class French style, the Parisian version of the Upper East Side, but even more so.  Unfortunately, I broke my camera on the second day of my trip so these photos are from a very old half-broken camera I borrowed from my brother.

FASHION: “Banana George” Blair

Ninety-four year old barefoot water skiier, George A. “Banana George” Blair, spotted outside CVS (formerly Glendale Bakery) on 87th Street and Lexington Ave.

Official Banana George Website
Banana George on Wikipedia

Why are older people the best dressed people on the U.E.S?

I saw this woman on Madison Avenue while walking with my friend Salty, who, as we were walking away after I took this photo, said she thought the woman was an actress. This stylin’ senior had a deep smoker’s voice and in my head I can hear her snapping a dry funny insult to a younger relative on a sitcom.  Does anyone know who she is or recognize her?

For more stylish seniors check out the great blog, Advanced Style.

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Walking by the Food Emporium on 87th Street and Madison Ave I thought I saw an abandoned funky snowboard out of the corner of my eye.  I was disappointed to realize it was an ironing board.

Wouldn’t it be so UNCOOL it’d be COOL to have a snowboard that looked like an old ironing board?

That thought makes me think of the Futurama (one of my all-time favorite TV shows) episode ‘Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch.’  Amy and Kif are expecting a baby (Kif, a male alien, is the one who is pregnant) and Amy’s mom has Amy’s party board converted to an ironing board.

According to Vintage Inspirations blog, in the days before teflon-coated ironing Continue reading “SNOWBOARD DESIGN IDEA”

Looking at the World through Blue-Tinted Glasses

Anne Slater Photo via Advanced Style Sorry for the lack of updates.  I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to make a living and this is probably the least likely of my pursuits to assist in that mission.  But I couldn’t stay away for long. I am addicted to TruTV (formerly CourtTV.)  I don’t actually sit and watch it.  I like to have it on while I’m doing other things, especially when there is a large block of episodes of Forensic Files, or The Investigators, or Mission Road, which are all pretty much the same: like a candle, it creates a certain ambiance in my room. One show that draws me in more is Dominick Dunne: Power Privilege and Justice where crime writer Dominick Dunne narrates the stories of various high-profile crimes and sometimes casually mentions that he had once hung out with the criminal or murderer in question at a fancy party somewhere. Continue reading “Looking at the World through Blue-Tinted Glasses”