Come See: New York, N. Why? at The Met.

Rudy Burkhardt, Pedestrians, New York City, 1939
Photo via Met Museum

There’s a show up at The Metropolitan Museum of Art of which I’ve come back to three times because I enjoy it so much, maybe I can convince you to come see it too…

New York, N. Why? (1940) is a handmade scrapbook of silver-gelatin photographs Rudy Burkhardt took in New York City between 1937 and 1940 accompanied by 7 sonnets by the poet and dance critic Edwin Denby.  The Met owns the only copy which has been unbound and hung on the wall in sequence for this exhibition. Continue reading “Come See: New York, N. Why? at The Met.”

Gucci Finally Puts Effort Into Its Appearance

We first posted this photo on April 11, 2008- the day after a stroll with my friend Samara where she pointed out this missing “U” in the signage on Gucci’s store at Madison and 69th Street.

Gucci no U

I passed it about a week ago and it was still missing. I walked by last night intending to take a new photo to record the fact that more than 4 months have passed with no “U” but they beat me to it! They have replaced the “U” – the drying epoxy is still visible.
GUCCI logo with U
U with epoxy