Ballet, Eamonn’s, Aphra Behn Trunk Show

Thursday, October 4, 2012
I’m moving to LA in January so I’m going to try to actually journal these last few months as a New Yorker and Upper East Sider.

Lost on the subway.
Went to Lefferts Gardens to have jewelry photographed by Alex Crowe. Got on 5 train going home, ran across platform at Atlantic Ave to get 4 train thinking it would be faster, got absorbed in the free Metro paper (yesterday’s weirdly having been guest edited by Richard Branson), arrived at last stop in wrong direction, Crown Heights. Had to take 4 all the way back to 86th Street, got very far in Metro paper because I was afraid to play boggle on my iphone because of all of the recent iphone muggings, especially because of the hypodermic needle mugger even though they caught him.
Still finding great architectural details. 
6pm: Walked from 88th to 75th on Park Ave, excited to notice new architectural details. It happens often because so many buildings have scaffolding up for weeks or months at a time for repairs, when the scaffolding comes down there’s a discovery. Continue reading “Ballet, Eamonn’s, Aphra Behn Trunk Show”

Scariest Thing Ever

As you may know, I have a well-documented fear of dolls.
So, the other night when I was walking home up Madison Avenue I was a little spooked when I passed the window display for “Chuckies” shoe store on Madison Avenue and 85th Street. I remember when the store first opened the name made me uncomfortable for obvious reasons but I got over it.  When I saw this window the other night I figured it was for Friday the 13th BUT…

…when I walked by the next night, the doll on the right was MISSING! Where the F did it go?????

Art Deco Water

Me eyeing a bottle of Aquadeco while wearing my Flower#19 Pendant inspired by the Art Deco building at 19 East 88th Street.  The photo is backwards because I took it on my webcam/Apple Photobooth.

Apparently, this is not new to the world but I just discovered it this evening at the Duane Reade on 89th Street and Madison Avenue.

Aquadeco – a bottled spring water company that first designed a bottle and then set about finding a water source, according to their website.

I did a bit of googling and came across some blog mentions including a T Magazine post by Steven Heller where he compares the Aquadeco bottle unfavorably against other designy bottles by Voss, Fred and Fiji.  Heller calls the Aquadeco bottle design “less Chanel than Woolworths”, resembling a “novelty perfume.”

I do not disagree with the “novelty perfume” aspect of the Aquadeco bottle and the Chanel/Woolworths comment is super on point.  It is a cliched representation of Art Deco but… I like it!

Is it counter-progressive that I find the ernest “design” of the Voss and Fred bottles pretentious?  I am a big fan of art deco but also of whimsy and some kitsch.  In fact, I have to admit, last week at the Food Emporium on 87th and Madison Avenue they had a special discount on Voss water, only 99 cents for that big bottle and I was too embarrassed to buy it!  Not to buy it since the cashiers knew it was on sale, but to be seen drinking it.  (Now that I’ve admitted it I guess I’ll make myself buy it if it is on sale again.)

Anyway, if I saw someone drinking an Aquadeco water I’d say, “Neat! Your water bottle is Art Deco! And the company is named Aquadeco! Neato!”

There were many comments below Steven Heller’s blog post arguing against the pointless waste of this fetishistic design and that new designs should be sustainable.

Ok, I know they’re right!  But, having been an eager scholar of the subject of Decadence in both high school and college, I can’t help but find this kind of vanity project endearing.

The founder of Aquadeco, Arnold Gumowitz is a real estate developer and art collector and Aquadeco seems to be a platform for sponsoring or being involved with celebrity events and Art Deco related events.  It does taste good, too (I just tried it).  This plastic bottle was $1.99 tonight and no more expensive than similarly sized bottles.  I read that Aquadeco also make a $12 glass bottle with an optional light to place beneath.  Not on my shopping list this week but maybe someday.  I suppose if you could remove the logo and keep the glass bottle as a vase it would be a little more environmentally friendly.

Also, here are three pics from the Aquadeco facebook page.

An X-Rated Door on the U.E.S. and one other sexy thing.

What the heck is up with this door?
321 E 92nd Street:

Also, I think this scroll-hip is pretty sexy.  Reminds me of some surrealist stuff.
1105 Park Avenue:

The Upper East Side Collection (of jewelry)

So, in case you didn’t know, I make jewelry ( and my new “Upper East Side Collection” is based on architectural ornament in the neighborhood.  I’m running a Kickstarter campaign to get enough pre-orders to be able to pay for some equipment, materials and promotional costs.  There are only 7 days left.  Please check out my Kickstarter video and page.

The Upper East Side Collection on Kickstarter


Here are some examples of the collection so far:
19 East 88th Street:

1041 Park Avenue:

Building photos taken by Brandon Perlman on medium format film.  Some guy at 1021 Park Avenue, possible the super, threatened to call the police while we were taking a photo from across the street on the Park Avenue median.
Jewelry photos by Evan Miller.

Birthday Brunch at Sarabeth’s

Jules treated me to a very U.E.S. and very special birthday brunch at Sarabeth’s today:

This kid came up to our table and asked if we wanted to see a magic trick.  He was good.  His name is Cooper, he’s in 4th grade somewhere in Connecticut, and I will be surprised if he does not headline a show in Las Vegas within 30 years.

Bird’s-eye view:

On the toilet in the big bathroom:

Photos from my Bedroom Window: 199? – 2010

3AM Imromptu Subway Interview with Alden aka Fonda from Team Facelift


Setting: 3AM, 6 train from Spring Street to 86th Street.  Probably the fourth time I’ve run into Alden a.k.a. Karim Fonda from Team Facelift on the subway in the middle of a weeknight.

Me: What are you working on now?

Alden: Right now we got an album coming out on Duck Down Records.  (((At this point a guy standing near us waiting for the subway chimes in that he’s heard of Duck Down and we talk to him for a minute.))) We got Junior Sanchez who’s sort of a legendary New York House guy to executive produce it and I’m also working on a project with a chick named Tigga Galore on some voguing music.

Me: What do you mean by ‘voguing’?

Continue reading “3AM Imromptu Subway Interview with Alden aka Fonda from Team Facelift”