U.E.S. It-Pigeons Doing It!!

Sometimes the Guggenheim tries to make friends with its neighbors – like the time our building complained about construction noise and they invited us to a party with way-too-loud club music for the Aztec exhibition (which was great.)  This summer, for yet to be known reasons, ours and some other nearby buildings were invited to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition and attend a small reception hosted by the neighborhood liaison in the new cafe on the third floor and I was treated to a unique view from inside the cafe.


The Colony Club as seen on Gossip Girl

Larry Fink, Russian Ball, Colony Club, New York City, 1977, via MoMA

Blair’s maid, Darota via WoodyCakes

On tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl, Blair throws a little party for members of the exclusive women’s social group, The Colony Club, in an attempt to gain entrance.  Her guests turn out to be a bunch of stodgy, petty, argyle-clad bitches who insist that Serena’s family and Chuck Bass are not to be associated with because of tabloid mentions, skimpy outfits, and nouveau-richeness.  In a display of strong character, Blair eventually totally disses them by ending the party and proclaiming the greatness of Serena and her mother, and her close association with Chuck Bass.

Which reminds me that I once picked up a copy of “The History of the Colony Club” at the Strand- I knew it would come in handy at some point- Continue reading “The Colony Club as seen on Gossip Girl”