Saturday Night Sober (a true short story)

An account of a night in 2009.

An account of a night in 2009.

It’s 3am. I just got home. On the way in through the kitchen, out of habit I loped toward the cabinet above the sink to take my nightly cup of water to my room when I remembered I was completely sober and I could stand up straight and calmly reach for the cup of my choice.

My evening started at 6pm at a gallery in the West Village where I watched an artist demonstrate unusual ways to conduct electricity in order to light a lamp. He successfully turned a hot dog into a battery. I wasn’t that impressed because as a child I had had a potato clock from the Klutz catalog. But he was humble in his presentation and earnest in his dedication. He said he had researched many different brands of hot dog and found Nathan’s to be the best. Continue reading “Saturday Night Sober (a true short story)”

Scariest Thing Ever

As you may know, I have a well-documented fear of dolls.
So, the other night when I was walking home up Madison Avenue I was a little spooked when I passed the window display for “Chuckies” shoe store on Madison Avenue and 85th Street. I remember when the store first opened the name made me uncomfortable for obvious reasons but I got over it. ¬†When I saw this window the other night I figured it was for Friday the 13th BUT…

…when I walked by the next night, the doll on the right was MISSING! Where the F did it go?????

A Very U.E.S. Night

A Very U.E.S. Night

(for me was Tuesday, August 5, 2008)


I broke my third power cord for my apple laptop. I managed to post a note on facebook asking if anyone had an extra before draining the reserve battery power playing boggle on facebook (known as Scramble.) Frustrated, I cut in half two old power cords that had broken in different places and tried to join them while everything was plugged in. This created a fizzing sound and crackling sparks. With no internet I napped most of the evening.

I woke up at around 10pm feeling energized. Perhaps tonight I would finally check out karaoke at Dorrian’s Red Hand. For the last few months I had been receiving weekly invites on facebook to Tuesday night karaoke from a barely-known friendly acquaintance. Having previously only heard of Dorrian’s in connection with the Preppy Murder, I was surprised to see that it was still a popular bar attended by people with no ironic intentions whatsoever. I had maintained a strong morbid curiosity about the place from researching Upper East Side crimes and watching the Law and Order episode based on it. Continue reading “A Very U.E.S. Night”

Gucci Finally Puts Effort Into Its Appearance

We first posted this photo on April 11, 2008- the day after a stroll with my friend Samara where she pointed out this missing “U” in the signage on Gucci’s store at Madison and 69th Street.

Gucci no U

I passed it about a week ago and it was still missing. I walked by last night intending to take a new photo to record the fact that more than 4 months have passed with no “U” but they beat me to it! They have replaced the “U” – the drying epoxy is still visible.
GUCCI logo with U
U with epoxy

Found Party Photos

Tonight (1/26/06), I was walking home from the bus with my dad when he spotted these photographs on the sidewalk on Madison Avenue between 87th and 88th Streets. I scooped them up and here they are: Some fancy people at a party, and a letter with it, but I don’t have enough information to return them. So, if anyone knows who these people are please let me know so I can return the prints (I’ve got my scans). I would really like to know what this event is too- why is that woman in the last two photographs dressed like a queen?