2001 Jewel Album Still Heavily Promoted on The Upper East Side

During the 1990’s HMV was the major local record store, located on 86th and Lex. Like most giant record stores, new releases were promoted in the windows. Several years ago HMV closed and eventually Best Buy opened. Amidst the shuffling of businesses in 1278-1280 Lexington Avenue which now houses the equivalent of a very convenient strip mall (Duane Reade, Best Buy, Staples, Barnes and Noble, Starbucks) one window of prime advertising space seems to have gone forgotten.

Jewel’s “This Way” was released in 2001 so we can assume that’s when the banner first went up. The banner faces the new Jamba Juice and overlooks the most heavily trafficked intersection of The Upper East Side. Imagine what that advertising would cost over 6 years? Maybe the different stores couldn’t agree who would get that window so they left it as was, or perhaps access to the window was accidentally sealed…

Although I would love to put something else in that window, I mean, if no one else is going to use it, I can honestly say that seeing that banner for 6 years did not get me to buy the album.