During high school, as I was becoming acquainted with the downtown music and art scenes, I was embarrassed to tell people I was from the Upper East Side- even more embarrassed to tell them I went to Dalton. However, after four years of living downtown near college I became sick of the redundant hipness everywhere and began to long for the quiet streets of Carnegie Hill at night and even the quilted jackets and loafers. Since I moved home I have been exploring the neighborhood as an untapped resource for ideas. I am hoping that kids like me will not be as embarrassed of where they are from once there is actually an underground cultural exchange of ideas and art in which they can participate. The original format of this zine was meant to bring the d-i-y photocopy tradition of the Lower East Side uptown for those of us who, although living in an extremely wealthy neighborhood, don’t necessarily get giant allowances from our parents. This issue is still available in print for a little while longer, but I guess I just have to get with the times- d-i-y now necessitates using the internet. This first issue does poke some fun at the neighborhood but it’s all done “out of love”. Most of all I am trying to explore areas that are not generally covered by mainstream publications. I hope you, reader, find something interesting or surprising in here.