Mr. Peanut is actually pretty cool

From one of my favorite Craigslist “for sale” postings on The Upper East Side:

Click on screenshot below to see entire Craigslist posting.

I forgot about Mr. Peanut but looking at him now I think he’s pretty cool!  Also, his name is Mr. Peanut.  Not some cheesy pun on peanut, but just what he is!  Like if an almond company’s character was called Mr. Almond or if Oreck had Mr. Vacuum Cleaner…Mr. Fan, Mr. Mattress, etc.

(Thanks to Teddy for the screenshot.  My 12″ Powerbook G4 is not big enough!)


Walking by the Food Emporium on 87th Street and Madison Ave I thought I saw an abandoned funky snowboard out of the corner of my eye.  I was disappointed to realize it was an ironing board.

Wouldn’t it be so UNCOOL it’d be COOL to have a snowboard that looked like an old ironing board?

That thought makes me think of the Futurama (one of my all-time favorite TV shows) episode ‘Kif Gets Knocked Up a Notch.’  Amy and Kif are expecting a baby (Kif, a male alien, is the one who is pregnant) and Amy’s mom has Amy’s party board converted to an ironing board.

According to Vintage Inspirations blog, in the days before teflon-coated ironing Continue reading “SNOWBOARD DESIGN IDEA”