IN OTHER NEWS: Creepy Man’s Arm Pillow

I saw this for sale on several years ago and thought it was so weird I dragged the images to my desktop. I just came across them again this week.

Creepy Man's Arm Pillow

Creepy Man's Arm Pillow


Yeesh, apparently this post is getting a lot of traffic.
You can get the creepy man’s arm pillow at Amazon!

upper east side fixation debunked!

Last week I saw an e-mail in my inbox from Andrew Kuo with the above title and thought, wha?? Cool. Then I opened it and it was a mass e-mail promoting HUGS, the night he DJ’s at Lit. And I was like, whatever! But now it’s a week later, I’m uptown and a little lonely and thinking about going out. I just read it again, and decided even though it’s a mass e-mail advertisement for a “night” at a downtown club that is kind of smelly, it seems honest and I love Paul Simon. You win Andrew. I’m coming to Lit. And maybe some other lonely soul that reads this in the next few hours will come out and have fun too.

Subject: upper east side fixation debunked!
Date: September 23, 2007 3:38:04 PM EDT
From: Andrew Kuo

“but i would not give you false hope
on this strange and mournful day”  Continue reading “upper east side fixation debunked!”