Update on The Truth about the Chevy Chase Myth

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If you don’t like reading too much, here’s the short version: I met Chevy Chase last night and he said the cow incident happened at Haverford College

To make a short story long, last night I went to the after-party for the premier of the new Robert De Niro/Al Pacino movie, “A Righteous Kill” at Terminal 5. (I hear I was lucky to have missed the actual premier.) My friend Aaron somehow got into the VIP section so I texted “Are De Niro and Pacino up there?” He wrote back “belzer, chevy chase…”

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The Truth About the Chevy Chase Myth

NOTE: This story has been updated – see here.

As a Dalton highschooler I heard the Chevy Chase story numerous times- from my older brother and other upperclassmen and alumni. It seems to be one of the favored Dalton factoids in party conversation along with the school’s reference in the Woody Allen film “Manhattan.
Dairy Cow

The story: Chevy Chase was kicked out of Dalton because he brought a cow up to the top floor of the school, at that time the top floor only being accessible by stairs. Apparently it was a widely known fact that cows cannot walk downstairs so naturally this created great problems and Chevy Chase was subsequently expelled. In the first version I heard (from my brother) the cow had to be slaughtered while versions I heard later left out the fate of the cow.

But I recently ran into a Riverdale Country Day School alum who insisted that the incident took place at his alma mater and was the reason for Chevy Chase’s expulsion from there. This was outragious to me- although Continue reading “The Truth About the Chevy Chase Myth”