Looking at the World through Blue-Tinted Glasses

Anne Slater Photo via Advanced Style Sorry for the lack of updates.  I’ve been busy trying to figure out how to make a living and this is probably the least likely of my pursuits to assist in that mission.  But I couldn’t stay away for long. I am addicted to TruTV (formerly CourtTV.)  I don’t actually sit and watch it.  I like to have it on while I’m doing other things, especially when there is a large block of episodes of Forensic Files, or The Investigators, or Mission Road, which are all pretty much the same: like a candle, it creates a certain ambiance in my room. One show that draws me in more is Dominick Dunne: Power Privilege and Justice where crime writer Dominick Dunne narrates the stories of various high-profile crimes and sometimes casually mentions that he had once hung out with the criminal or murderer in question at a fancy party somewhere. Continue reading “Looking at the World through Blue-Tinted Glasses”