Black Current Pastilles, Fancy Pharmacies

There’s a tin my family has been using to keep sewing pins in for 20 years.  It originally held black currant pastilles – one of my favorite tastes as a kid.  Seeing the tin the other day I became determined to find the pastilles once again.  I googled the brand Allenbury’s, which seems to have changed to Grether’s.

Googling “Grether’s Black Currant Pastilles New York” yielded some fancy pharmacies such as Thompson Chemists, New London Pharmacy, and my local, Zitomer!  Also a website,  (Really?)

I can’t remember going into Zitomer for at least fifteen years but lately keep noticing the giant “Zittles” sign in the second floor window- sounds like a Yiddish nickname but also makes me think of zits.

So I went to Zitomer- turns out the candy counter is right there if you enter through the 76th Street entrance, whose awning also bears the name “Z-Spot.”

Just a note of caution- when I asked the lady behind the counter for Grether’s Black Currant Pastilles she handed me the sugar-free kind without noticing- luckily I was paying attention- I damn sure was for $9 and some change for a 110g tin. (The 110g tin is no cheaper on the Pastilles for Less site which claims to be “Your DISCOUNT site for Grether’s Pastilles!”

The 110g tin contains 44 pastilles, or 22 servings.  It’s been three days and I have one pastille left.  Yikes, this could become an expensive habit.

New  tin, old tin:

In other fancy pharmacy news, Boghen Pharmacy on Park Ave and 88th (One of the few Park Avenue store fronts) has tasty meds!

Below “Tasty Meds” it reads “We flavor kids medicines!”