November Smells

Waiting for the bus somewhere on Fifth Ave, there was this strong sweet smell of rotting leaves.  It was nice.  I can smell it now, looking at these photos.

Leaves on Fifth AvenueLeaves on Fifth Avenue
But, it reminded me that a few days earlier my brother and I were walking down Fifth and smelled a stronger tree smell, bordering on nauseous.  He said he had heard about a certain tree species whose smell has been bothering its neighbors.

After some googling, here is the culprit:
Female Ginkgo Biloba Trees a.k.a. Maidenhair Tree
(I didn’t know trees had genders!)

Sunset Gathering

At 4:15pm on this unseasonably warm winter day, noticing it was getting dark out, I rushed over to the 90th Street entrance to the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir, the best spot to watch the sunset.  To my surprise, hords of tourists were gathered there photographing themselves in front of the view which is so remarkable I really shouldn’t have been surprised.

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