U.E.S. It-Pigeons Doing It!!

Sometimes the Guggenheim tries to make friends with its neighbors – like the time our building complained about construction noise and they invited us to a party with way-too-loud club music for the Aztec exhibition (which was great.)  This summer, for yet to be known reasons, ours and some other nearby buildings were invited to see the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibition and attend a small reception hosted by the neighborhood liaison in the new cafe on the third floor and I was treated to a unique view from inside the cafe.


Chirping in the Dark

You know what’s kind of crazy? When you’re drunk, walking home from the subway at 4:55am, it’s still dark out and you’re surrounded by a deafening choir of chirping coming from the cherry blossoms, which you didn’t remember were even there earlier. (87th St. between Park and Lex)

Some Pics from The Halloween Howl

Today, for the first time, I went to the Carl Shurz Park Association’s annual Halloween Howl – a dog-halloween-costume contest. I only caught the last category which was joint costumes for dogs and their owners.

Obviously this was my favorite entry although it did not win a prize- Two Hewitt students.

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