What Makes it All Worthwhile/Chevy Chase is a Jerk

April 12:
I see Asian guy with English tattoo at Williamsburg Music Hall, think it’s funny, take photo.

April 13:
I post photo on The UES Journal.

April 18:
someone searches on the internet for “chinese guy with english tattoo”
search engine returns my post
person clicks and comes to this website.

By the way, the most common reason for people to come to this site is wanting to confirm that Chevy Chase is a jerk.
ALMOST EVERY DAY!   (click here to read my post about the Chevy Chase cow incident.)

Actual Chevy Chase-related search phrases in my web stats from late March.
(search terms are followed by number of times the results were clicked to get to this site)
March 21
chevy chase is a dick  1

March 22:
chevy chase is a jerk  2

March 23:
chevy chase a jerk  1
chevy chase stories  1

March 24:
chevy chase jerk  3
chevy chase fan jerk  1
chevy chase is a jerk  1

March 25: none!

March 26
chevy chase jerk  2

March 27
chevy chase jerk  1
chevy chase is a jerk  1
chevy chase a jerk  1

March 28
chevy chase jerk  3
chevy chase asshole  1

March 29: none!

March 31
chevy chase jerk  1

March 30
chevy chase ps 6 dalton  2
chevy chase upper east side  1
chevy chase jerk  1

I like to think that he is the one searching.


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