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I have too many blogs.  I think I will soon integrate my Pigeon blog and Vanity Plate blog with this one.  And I am going to write about whatever I want to write about.  Trying to keep each blog so narrowly focused has been holding me up from posting anything at all.  So, here goes again.  Also!

WordPress Troubleshooting:

I get so much web help by searching and finding what other people have posted on blogs and in forums, so just in case anyone has the same problem…

I recently switched the hosting of this site from ICDSoft to GoDaddy. I had to re-upload all of this site’s wordpress files and the wordpress mysql database to GoDaddy and once I had done that, was just a blank white page!  And the same was true for any posts or pages – any of the parts of the site the public is supposed to be able to see.

For a week I thought it had something to do with accessing the mysql database since I was able to log in to the wp-admin but all of the public pages were blank.  But, I couldn’t find anything wrong with the config.php file.  So!

Today, I was just browsing around in the wp-admin area, frustrated, and clicked on the Theme Editor on the Appearance menu.  I got an error message (I should have written it down!) that basically said, theme not found.

It turned out that all my posts were up there in the database, but they could not be laid out for anyone to see because I had accidentally not uploaded the theme I was currently using.  So, I uploaded it and voila!  The site is back.

I should have known it wasn’t the database because usually when there is a problem with that you get a message that says something like “error establishing database connection.”

That’s it.


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