Why are older people the best dressed people on the U.E.S?

I saw this woman on Madison Avenue while walking with my friend Salty, who, as we were walking away after I took this photo, said she thought the woman was an actress. This stylin’ senior had a deep smoker’s voice and in my head I can hear her snapping a dry funny insult to a younger relative on a sitcom.  Does anyone know who she is or recognize her?

For more stylish seniors check out the great blog, Advanced Style.

And the UES post on Ann Slater.


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6 thoughts on “Why are older people the best dressed people on the U.E.S?”

  1. You are awesome! I totally recognize her now that I looked up the name, as the tough feminist lawyer on Law and Order. And her character, in a distant way, kind of dresses similarly.

  2. As a chauffeur, I used to drive her from the Carlyle Hotel around town. She liked to take walks from the car and come back to it.

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