I CANT SLEEP: Omer Bhatti is Not Michael Jackson’s Son

Why would Omer Bhatti resemble Michael Jackson the way Jackson looked AFTER plastic surgery?

Omer Bhatti

Note: high cheekbones, chin dimple, and slim nose.

Omer Bhatti and Michael Jackson

Image via www.postchronicle.com

Omer Bhatti and Michael Jackson

Photo via www.nettavisen.no

Young Michael Jackson:

Young Michael Jackson

Image via www.psychologytoday.com

Whatever, it’s all O.K.


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3 thoughts on “I CANT SLEEP: Omer Bhatti is Not Michael Jackson’s Son”

  1. I think young Michael Jackson had pretty high cheekbones, but you make a good point about the chin and nose. Still, he could have some of his mom’s features. Anyhow, only DNA will tell.

  2. Only facts will tell. It doesn’t even take a DNA test, just look and compare.
    These arrangements of “relationship” are just another way to abuse children, in this case to confirm the Jackson propaganda of Michael being natural and having physical children. None of them can be, I bet. I have another theory. Omar might be the son of Peter Kraus, German Rock ‘n Roll Idol in the Fifties.
    Isn’t that striking?

  3. Yes, that is true. It seems more believable to me that Omar Bhatti was a big Michael Jackson fan, did a great impression of him, his mom got Michael to see, and Michael was so moved that he took them under his wing. I read some version of that somewhere. Wouldn’t it be really creepy if Michael Jackson’s real son dressed up just like him? Well, I guess it’s not that far of a stretch.

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