Some Pics from The Halloween Howl

Today, for the first time, I went to the Carl Shurz Park Association’s annual Halloween Howl – a dog-halloween-costume contest. I only caught the last category which was joint costumes for dogs and their owners.

Obviously this was my favorite entry although it did not win a prize- Two Hewitt students.

As the contestants circled the basketball court dramatic music (for example One Moment in Time) blared from giant speakers. Later we heard The Monster Mash, Little Shop of Horrors, and the theme from Ghostbusters.

The paparazzi was in full effect.

The winner of the dog/owner category was Times Square. I was disappointed with this conceptual pick – it seemed more like an award for New York patriotism (cityism?) The only symbols on the dog are Toys ‘R’ Us, The Gap, and Wicked.

Second place in the dog and owner category was a puppeteer and marionette. The dog had a lot of trouble walking with the attached strings and so it did look like a puppet. The judges felt bad for it and asked its owner to carry her dog on the way to retrieve the prize ribbon.

Peanut Butter and Jelly took third place.

The Red Baron, winner of an earlier category.

A lobster dinner.

A sullen looking lobster in the audience.

Dorothy and Toto.

Santa and his reindeer with one of the three little pigs.  The other two pigs were adult humans.

Joe Dirt.


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