Update on The Truth about the Chevy Chase Myth

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If you don’t like reading too much, here’s the short version: I met Chevy Chase last night and he said the cow incident happened at Haverford College

To make a short story long, last night I went to the after-party for the premier of the new Robert De Niro/Al Pacino movie, “A Righteous Kill” at Terminal 5. (I hear I was lucky to have missed the actual premier.) My friend Aaron somehow got into the VIP section so I texted “Are De Niro and Pacino up there?” He wrote back “belzer, chevy chase…”

What?? Better than the Godfathers!

I’m a huge fan of Richard Belzer, primarily because he plays a funny Jewish cop on Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. And Chevy Chase in person! He was really hot in Fletch. And the recent episode of Law and Order where he guest stars as an anti-semitic actor was OK.

It took me a minute to realize that I was one red rope away from the single most important key in settling the cow question once and for all. I texted for Aaron to get us up there. Meanwhile Jeb and I plotted- he folded a paper airplane on which I planned to write my interview questions before gently flying it to him on the V.I.P. stage. From afar I was pretty sure he was the one guy wearing a white baseball cap.

But Aaron had the hookup and managed to escort us passed the V.I.P bouncers. On the way up Jeb told me stories of how Chevy Chase is a notoriously mean jerk. So by the time I was up there and realized Chevy Chase was about a foot taller than the guy in the white baseball cap I was terrified of what I knew I had to do.

All of a sudden Chevy was heading toward the stage exit. On the way he put his hand on the shoulder of that very guy in the white baseball cap and complimented him on something he’d produced or directed. I grabbed the side of Chevy Chase’s big arm and said “Hi!” The men continued to talk, pretending not to notice me waiting there, and I eased my grip on Chevy’s jacket. I did not budge but kept looking from one man to the other, smiling sheepishly. Finally their conversation ended but Chevy wasn’t just going to let me have it. He turned to go and I grabbed him once more and shouted (the music was very loud.)

Me: Hi! Can I ask you a quick question?

Chevy Chase: (Friendly Yes-Knod)

Me: I’m a big fan! Where did the cow thing happen?

Chevy Chase: Haverford

Me: Thanks! Straight from the horse’s, I mean straight from the cow’s (begininning to think it might be insulting to call him a cow I became quieter) …mouth.

Then he smiled and I nervously smiled and darted the other way. He left the stage. I would have liked to ask him to tell me the whole story but I was too scared. But at least one key element of the story has been confirmed.

Later on the main floor, other sightings notable in my book were Furio from The Soprano’s and Ice-T with his sexy wife.



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