upper east side fixation debunked!

Last week I saw an e-mail in my inbox from Andrew Kuo with the above title and thought, wha?? Cool. Then I opened it and it was a mass e-mail promoting HUGS, the night he DJ’s at Lit. And I was like, whatever! But now it’s a week later, I’m uptown and a little lonely and thinking about going out. I just read it again, and decided even though it’s a mass e-mail advertisement for a “night” at a downtown club that is kind of smelly, it seems honest and I love Paul Simon. You win Andrew. I’m coming to Lit. And maybe some other lonely soul that reads this in the next few hours will come out and have fun too.

Subject: upper east side fixation debunked!
Date: September 23, 2007 3:38:04 PM EDT
From: Andrew Kuo

“but i would not give you false hope
on this strange and mournful day” 

stories that start with the words, ‘when i was young’ are awful, but when i was young i remember listening to a graceland cassette in my parents’ living room and thinking: my life is going to go exactly like this. i will have a job. i will have a house. i will have a wife. i will have kids. i will make my kids watch paul simon on PBS like my parents made me watch paul simon on PBS.

i think earlier this summer i remembered all of this in a swell, and it bummed me out! not to say i’d give it all up for a volvo and mortgage or actually move up to the upper east side, but something was definitely over. of course there’s something really self-indulgent walking down 2nd ave, with a sweet buzz, at 5am thinking about it, but sometimes it feels like drowning.

“sonny sits by the window and thinks to himself
how it’s strange that some rooms are like cages”

i love watching football on sunday afternoons in the fall. i love going to a record shop and going through every record til my fingertips are dirty. i love going to a pizza store and sitting there. vitamin p! these are things i know better than everything else i know. paul simon loves the yankees! i love the yankees too! mike pagliarulo! dan pasqua! phil lombardi! phil rizzuto! ghosts! and every time i hear ‘graceland’ i remind myself of the things i knew! it’s true!

but we ain’t dead yet!

this monday at HUGS we’re at it again! i can’t speak for the other dudes, but there are moments where all i want to do is hear my bloody valentine really really loud and it feels super good. so my bloody valentine it is! paul simon coming up! and this time we have taka and professor bear helping us! i hope. they are epic bro’s with even more epic jams! if i can’t track them down we’ll have another treat for you. you know those guys and cell phones!

HUGS mondays LIT upstairs
11PM til me and josh put on a song that maybe makes some people feel weird but to us is hi-five worthy!


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