Meditations on the quest for The Upper East Side or Sometimes I feel like Indiana Jones…

I know lately it might seem like the journal has been focusing on superficial aspects of the area – cabbage, signage, etc. But I hold all of these things in my line of vision as suspect; suspect of containing an interesting story, an anecdote; or of possessing the potential to inspire some meditation leading to the unleashing of unusual thoughts only accessible by that trigger.

Walking around the neighborhood, I am an outsider to everything except my apartment and the schools I attended. Starting from the outside, penetrating the red bricks, the co-op boards, to a specific conversation or debate would thrill me. I want to know how each decision was made that brought about what we see here today – those decisions collectively being so powerful as to intentionally and accidentally design what we the public experience as The Upper East Side.

Seeing something and then investigating it- this method of inquiry often leads to something fruitful like after seeing the big American flag on 1088 Park Avenue and finding Charlotte Kidd who knew how to illuminate the subject personally and skillfully. Everything has a story and it’s a matter of finding the person who realizes that the story is worthwhile and can tell it well.

Ask yourself, do you possess any of these treasures of hidden knowledge?

Do you or someone you love have a story about The Upper East Side you would like to reveal to the public on the internet?


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