Walking Photo Journal

On January 23, 2006, I walked around the neighborhood for a few hours. Here are some things I saw which I had never noticed before:
This building whose symbol is strangely almost identical to the Chanel logo.

I never noticed before that the bellhop for The Franklin wears a top hat.

This pretty little enclaved entrance below faces this giant luxury building across York, I think it was. You can see the reflection of the building on the left in the windows of the building below.

I actually went in here- Doyle Gallery, because there was a sign outside that said “Exhibition Today”. I didn’t have the guts to take photos inside after I felt slightly condescended to by the man who checked my umbrella. This is actually a preview exhibition of items which will be auctioned live, today, January 25th (which is when I am writing this description). When I was on the inside of this window I saw people picking up and turning over antique furniture in order to inspect the pieces. I didn’t know you could do that, and I soon realized that I could go to the front desk and get a complimentary piece of Doyle notepaper and a Doyle pencil, and write down the lot number of any item I was interested in- to look up now in the sample catalogs hanging from various ribbons throughout the gallery, or later at home if I chose to buy the $20 book, or on-line which I tried to do but was unable to figure out how to search by number. Inside Doyle were several ladies in all black and black rimmed glasses with official Doyle staff pins who were talking to visitors. I had a dream last night that I went to the auction but it was in a different city. I didn’t bid on anything.

Forgive the soda stains. I later learned that one of the items (where I wrote “what is it?”) was called a monstrance, used for holding a medal or the “body of Christ” in a church service.


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