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A Biento

Sent by Ariel Schulman, Shelter Island Ferry:


Vanity on the 101

All caught by Erin Falls:

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Photo sent by Mike Shea (creator of the U.E.S. Journal Logo!):

And more UWS Pl8tz

In response to the previous post former Upper East Sider David Shamoon has sent in some more very UWS UWS pl8tz!

Some Very Upper West Side Upper West Side Pl8tz

An Etrog is a yellow citrus fruit, like a big lemon, used during the Jewish holiday Sukkot which was last week.



Photo by Sammy James Jr.


Photo by Julia Nasser taken on the Upper East Side.


Photo by Jason Lader


some 87th street pl8z


by Julia Nasser

Does it belong to Nora?

Speaking of Nora, here is the “CATcerto” by Mindaugas Piecaitis in collaboration with Nora the Piano Cat.

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