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A new poem by Stephanie Stratigos

Nervous GI from the UES to LES

The wave begins below the UES
The UES has returned to resting pressure, only now can it relax
Vagus relaxes the LES,
Intrinsic properties of smooth muscle and the influence of VIP
Nitrous oxide’s calming effects
Selective VIP loss of the LES
Treatment is LES targeted
Exit the LES

that is it: GI = Gastrointestinal, UES = Upper esophageal sphincter; LES = Lower esophageal sphincter; VIP = Vasoactive intestinal polypeptide;

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by Julian Tepper

A spring evening in New York and here, once again, piled into Alexander Ames’s bed were Clyde Foreman, Paul Loopy, Phil Owen, Eve Hecht, Emma Beckman—as well as Alexander himself—together now like on most days where they occupied the lunch-table, a corner of the classroom or the steps outside their high school. Emma lay to the right of Alexander, her right arm resting on his leg, her hand opened over his knee. A frail girl with dark hair and a crooked nose, she had on a perfume smelling of sunflowers that her mother had brought home for her just yesterday. She wore a black cashmere sweater and a white skirt, the length of which would have resulted in her dismissal from school. Read more →

A Haiku by Stephanie Stratigos – a Spence alumna.

Japanese Toilets

Japanese Toilets
Squat Over Porcelain Tub
Splash Guard Catches Pee

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