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The U.E.S. Journal


I started the UES Journal in 2005 as a photocopy zine. After one issue I moved it to the web. I recently moved to Los Angeles so now it’s basically about whatever I know which still includes The Upper East Side and might also include public transportation, procedural crime shows and cats.
-Rebecca Schiffman

To contact me e-mail my first name followed by my last name at gmail dot com.

Other contributors have included:
Theodore Ward Barrow, Jesse Max Creed, Oto Gillen, Charlotte Kidd, Justine Kurland, Alex Kwartler, Jeffrey Lewis, Johnny Misheff, Stephanie Stratigos, Julian Tepper

Logo Design: Michael Q. Shea

The U.E.S. Journal’s entire existence is dedicated to the memory of Nick Simons, the coolest Upper East Sider I ever met.

UES Journal Zine

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  1. hello we have a few pictures we would like to submit. one is in front of the guggenheim oto took the picture for us. let us know how to submit.

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