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Scariest Thing Ever

As you may know, I have a well-documented fear of dolls.
So, the other night when I was walking home up Madison Avenue I was a little spooked when I passed the window display for “Chuckies” shoe store on Madison Avenue and 85th Street. I remember when the store first opened the name made me uncomfortable for obvious reasons but I got over it. ¬†When I saw this window the other night I figured it was for Friday the 13th BUT…

…when I walked by the next night, the doll on the right was MISSING! Where the F did it go?????

Saks Fifth Avenue Signage

Just noticed this brick signage on the South side of Saks Fifth Avenue on 49th Street between Fifth Avenue and Madison Avenue for the first time!

Stone Henge!

Where the banshees live and they do live well!

My brother pointed out the similarity while we were walking by 40 East 80th Street, recently.



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