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Play Beer Pong, Get Laid: suggestive marketing at a U.E.S. Duane Reade

I was walking around the Upper East Side yesterday with my friend David (my cohort from A Very U.E.S. Night) and we decided to walk into the Duane Reade on 2nd Avenue and 79th Street to see if there was an “As Seen on TV” section which they have at the DR near my house.

There was not an “As Seen on TV” section but we came across this:

Some bright store manager or employee has created this convenient grouping of products, perfect for that point in the night when hopes are at their highest.  If you had just left Dorrian’s to pick up some beers and move the party elsewhere and you walked into this aisle, how could you not believe it was your destiny right then to play drinking games followed by drunk sex?

Just to be sure this wasn’t some scheme following a memo sent down from “corporate” we stopped into another Duane Reade a few blocks away.  After all, DR has just undergone a comprehensive rebranding.  But the beer stood alone and I am fairly certain this display was the result of the humor (lighthearted or disdainful, will we ever know?) of an employee or employees at a single location.

The New Dog Runs at Carl Shurz Park Are Finally Done!

So here is one pic from the new big dog run.  Sorry, you can’t see much of it.

I LOVE DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer

DJ Steve Porter featuring Vince Offer “Slap Chop Rap Remix”

I watch a lot of TV.  A lot of NY1 and other news.  The news in real life can be just as entertaining as it is with Kent Brochman on The Simpsons, or Tom Tucker on Family Guy or Morbo on Futurama if you just pretend that you are watching a parody.

I also watch a lot of channels that have commercials where pitchmen pitch products for you to call in and order and usually they come with something extra for free except for separate shipping and handling.  So, I was very familiar with Billy Mays before he died, and the British guy, Anthony Sullivan, (can’t you hear him saying “Anthony Sulliva here”?) and noted when Vince Offer arrived on the scene.

I always remembered the Chop Slap commercial line “you’re gonna love my nuts” because Vince delivers the line totally deadpan although it’s obviously funny and provocative.  In fact, I think that is a large part of Vince Offer’s charm.

There are so many remixes and mash-ups on YouTube that are a good idea, potentially hilarious, but are executed half-assedly or low-browly.  So I was THRILLED the other day when a friend showed me DJ Steve Porter‘s Chop Slap Rap Remix. And here’s another one…

I’m Still Here

I’m still here on the U.E.S.  Been overwhelmed and paralyzed by mundane decisions to make- such as what to include and exclude on this site.  I’m just going to go for all of it for now…that is, what interests or entertains me…I hope it interests and entertains you, too.

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