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IN OTHER NEWS: Antique Mannequin Head on eBay Looks Strangely Like Jessica Joffe

I saw this antique, supposedly German mannequin head for sale on eBay several months ago (the listing is long gone.) ┬áIt doesn’t look like any other antique mannequin head I’ve seen. Not that I was looking for one- they just pop up now and then in the categories I like to search.

Jessica Joffe MannequinJessica Joffe Mannequin
Images: Top row via eBay. Bottom row, Left via ParkAvenuePeerage, Right, via KenemBijoux.

After a minute of staring at the serene head trying to figure out who it reminded me of, it came to me- it could only be Jessica Joffe- the stunning journalist/model/style expert, who I believe is also German, at least in part.

I’m not saying they look exactly alike- just that there are some uniquely similar qualities about the two- which is a little spooky since unlike in the Seinfeld episode where that weird guy meets Elaine on the subway and then models a mannequin after her, this particular mannequin head came into existence at least half a century before Joffe. Read more →

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